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vandalism User

Hello Florian, it seems you are currently not active, that does not matter, I was active and have noticed that something is wrong. I've tried several times on your wiki called the legal dispute between Google and Oracle to reset the vandalism, but unfortunately without success, the user without end, I will now try a few times to reset the vandalism, if it succeeds he stops , Otherwise, you lock him and protect the best also the site, unfortunately I do not have the blocking and contactor rights.

Many Thanks! Blue 7 (mold rental member for vandalism at MediaWiki)

Hi, thanks again for acting here :) This user is also now blocked. Best, --Florian (Diskussion) 12:14, 17. Feb. 2019 (CET)

hello Florian, your wiki seems to have been rampaging several times by some IP users, so I suggest a solution. Would it be possible that you give me admin rights so that I can fix the wiki, if you are currently not active. Many Thanks!

There're no admin rights in MediaWiki itself, only a set of permissions a user can have. So, I'm not sure, what permissions you're requesting. However, privileged permissions are given out to trusted members of the community only, I hope you understand that, as some of these permissions are very powerful :) Best, --Florian (Diskussion) 12:14, 17. Feb. 2019 (CET)

vandalism User 109 . 193 . 32 . 232

the usual vandal of the last time, just with a different IP!