This is the documentation page for Modul:PropertyLink

This module can be used for advance linking, according to Wikidata. It includes the following functions:

  • property - get a link according to wikidata claim
    • Parameters: property (e.g p123)
    • Example: in Lion {{#invoke:PropertyLink|property|p171}} - will give Panthera. It is better to use this function and not [[{{#property:p171}}]] as the property gives the label in Wikidata, while this function will use the correct sitelink.
  • label: gives the label in wikidata (no [[link]])
    • Parameters: property (e.g p123)
  • imageLink: Get a related file to be used in the article
    • Parameters:
      • 1 param (optional) - Property to get commons link. If not specified it uses d:Property:p18 (a generic property for image in wikidata)
      • width - default 220px