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  • curprev 17:28, 27 May 2016Florian talk contribsm 81 bytes 0 1 Version importiert undo
  • curprev 00:53, 5 October 2015dewiki>Nyttendm 81 bytes −389 Changed protection level of Template:Clear: Enable access by template editors; NeilN is okay with this move ([Edit=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite)) undo
  • curprev 15:05, 10 July 2015Florian talk contribs 470 bytes +470 Die Seite wurde neu angelegt: „<div style="clear:{{{1|both}}};"></div> <noinclude> <templatedata> { "params": { "1": { "label": "Seite", "description": "Auf welcher Seite der Textfl…“