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Message definition (Android Training/Supporting Different Platform Versions)
'''Note:''' When parsing XML resources, Android ignores XML attributes that aren’t supported by the current device. So you can safely use XML attributes that are only supported by newer versions without worrying about older versions breaking when they encounter that code. For example, if you set the <code>targetSdkVersion="11"</code>, your app includes the <code>[http://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/ActionBar.html ActionBar]</code> by default on Android 3.0 and higher. To then add menu items to the action bar, you need to set <code>android:showAsAction="ifRoom"</code> in your menu resource XML. It's safe to do this in a cross-version XML file, because the older versions of Android simply ignore the <code>showAsAction</code> attribute (that is, you ''do not'' need a separate version in <code>res/menu-v11/</code>).

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