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Create a Linear Layout[edit source]

  1. In Android Studio, from the res/layout directory, open the activity_my.xml file.
    The BlankActivity template you chose when you created this project includes the activity_my.xml file with a RelativeLayout root view and a TextView child view.
  2. In the Preview pane, click the Hide icon to close the Preview pane.
  3. In Android Studio, when you open a layout file, you’re first shown the Preview pane. Clicking elements in this pane opens the WYSIWYG tools in the Design pane. For this lesson, you’re going to work directly with the XML.
  4. Delete the <TextView> element.
  5. Change the <RelativeLayout> element to <LinearLayout>.
  6. Add the android:orientation attribute and set it to "horizontal".
  7. Remove the android:padding attributes and the tools:context attribute.