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Vorlage:Android Training/Inhalt

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This page is a translated version of the page Vorlage:Android Training/Content and the translation is 62% complete.

Deine erste App erstellen

Nachdem du die Android SDK installiert hast, starte mit diesem Kurs um die Grundlagen der Android App-Entwicklung zu erlernen.

Erstellen eines Android Projektes
Starten deiner App
Eine einfache Benutzeroberfläche erstellen
Eine andere Activity starten

Verschiedene Geräte unterstützen

Wie du deine App mit alternativen Ressourcen erstellen kannst, um eine optimierte Nutzer-Erfahrung auf verschiedenen Geräten mit einer einzigen APK zu erreichen.

Verschiedene Sprachen unterstützen
Verschiedene Displaygrößen unterstützen
Verschiedene Plattformversionen unterstützen

Den Activity-Lebenslauf verwalten

How Android activities live and die and how to create a seamless user experience by implementing lifecycle callback methods.

Starting an Activity
Pausing and Resuming an Activity
Stopping and Restarting an Activity
Recreating an Activity

Ein dynamisches UI mit Fragmenten erstellen

How to build a user interface for your app that is flexible enough to present multiple UI components on large screens and a more constrained set of UI components on smaller screens—essential for building a single APK for both phones and tablets.

Creating a Fragment
Building a Flexible UI
Communicating with Other Fragments

Saving Data

How to save data on the device, whether it's temporary files, downloaded app assets, user media, structured data, or something else.

Saving Key-Value Sets
Saving Files
Saving Data in SQL Databases

Interacting with Other Apps

How to build a user experience that leverages other apps available on the device to perform advanced user tasks, such as capture a photo or view an address on a map.

Sending the User to Another App
Getting a Result from the Activity
Allowing Other Apps to Start Your Activity

Working with System Permissions

How to declare that your app needs access to features and resources outside of its 'sandbox', and how to request those privileges at runtime.

Declaring Permissions
Requesting Permissions at Run Time
Best Practices for Runtime Permissions

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